About SpaceVac

The World's Leading High-Level System

British Manufacturing, Global Issues…

The SpaceVac system was invented 10 years ago and since then, continuous research and development has provided a range of systems that are revolutionising high-level cleaning.

All of our systems are designed, manufactured and hand assembled right here in the UK; utilising cutting edge carbon engineering techniques to offer our clients the very best solution for high-level cleaning, anywhere on the market.

Our clients include some of the biggest companies in the world… 

A Better Way to Clean…

Our cleaning system offers operators and businesses a number of key advantages compared to traditional cleaning methods…


By moving cleaning work to the safety of the ground floor, operators remove all of the risks of working at height using hydraulic platforms, ladders or scaffolding

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By removing the need for this additional access equipment, operators are able to clean areas substantially faster – with even arge scale areas cleaning in under half the time!

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Simple one man operation means cleaning work can be completed with a fraction of the manpower associated with traditional cleaning methods. 

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By reducing manpower, additional expenditure and completing work faster, companies are able to make cleaning work significantly cheaper with minimal operational downtime.

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