The Benefits of Cleaning with SpaceVac

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The Benefits of Cleaning with SpaceVac

December 22, 2020 Blog 0
Cleaning Team Using SpaceVac

The use of SpaceVac as part of your cleaning and building management routine has a number of positive benefits for business…

SpaceVac was designed to provide an alternative to the traditional methods utilised in high-level cleaning. Prior to the launch of SpaceVac, cleaning of these areas – from removing blockages from gutters and eaves trays to the removal of dust from beams and pipework – required the cleaner to access the area directly.

Often this required the use of access equipment such as ladders, scaffold or hydraulic platform which all come with a number of disadvantages.

You can see the contrast between these traditional methods and SpaceVac in this video clip:

By using SpaceVac to clean these high-level areas however, businesses and cleaning companies are able to take advantage of a number of unique benefits:

  • Cleaning staff are safer as all cleaning work takes place from the safety of the ground rather than having to be off the ground.
  • Removing the need for this access equipment represents a massive cost saving without the expense of hiring in platforms etc on lucrative daily hire rates.
  • By cleaning with SpaceVac, operators can complete cleans much more quickly without having to continually move and re-securing access equipment. As a result even large areas can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
  • The systems small footprint and low operating volume means that often – cleaning work can be carried out with no impact on its surrounding area – reducing operational downtime and increasing productivity onsite.
  • As a result, the system has an incredible fast ROI and our clients typically find that a system has paid for itself within a month or two of  purchasing.

There are many reasons why clients all over the world – from Facebook to Coca Cola – have trusted their high-level cleaning to SpaceVac. Book a free demonstration of our system on your premises today to see for yourself the difference that the system could have on your premises.

Until then – feel free to browse our range of products to find out more.





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