Introducing SpaceVac…

The World's Leading High-Level System

Introducing SpaceVac…

November 16, 2020 Blog 0

Relaunching across Canada in 2021, SpaceVac presents cleaners and BSCs with a flexible range of cleaning products… 

Designed and manufactured in the UK, SpaceVac is a revolutionary method of cleaning inaccessible high-level areas from the safety of the ground floor. By cleaning in this way – rather than cleaning teams having to access the areas by way of expensive access equipment such as scaffolding or hydraulic lifts – operators are able to clean safely and in a much faster and more cost effective manner. 

The obvious benefits to this approach have quickly led to our products being adopted around the world by some of the biggest companies in their respective sectors – including Nike, Facebook, Coca Cola and more. 

In total, we offer a range of 14 cleaning systems that allow for operators across a range of different business verticals – and price points – to take advantage of our unique cleaning products. The range includes options for cleaning the dust and dirt from internal levels, cleaning blocked guttering and downpipes in external areas and even a range of tools for removing combustible from specialist Div2 rated environments. 

The range is rounded out with a number of specialist tools for niches like Food and Drink and high-voltage trackside work, and all of our systems can be accessorised with a number of add-on tools and accessories. 

This exciting range of cleaning products is now available across Canada by way of our nationwide network of distributors and manufacturers reps. Be sure to check our interactive map to find your local SpaceVac representative. 

In the meantime – be sure to browse our range of products here and check back for more updates from SpaceVac Canada soon! 


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