Gutter Cleaning and Why Its So Important

The World's Leading High-Level System

Gutter Cleaning and Why Its So Important

December 22, 2020 Blog 0
Gutter Cleaning System in Action

SpaceVac is a revolutionary high-level cleaning system designed to address a perennial problem for building owners and facilities managers – blocked gutter systems and downpipes.

These areas are open the elements all day, every day and over time can become blocked with built up material including dirt, soil, leaves, nests and even plants that take root in the guttering as well. When gutters are blocked in this way, water has to find alternative routes – leading to drips and leaks.

When overlooked, this issue can have massive impacts for the owners and occupants of buildings – causing issues with the structural integrity of the building itself, giving rise to problems like damp and mould with these issues in turn causing a range of health problems for occupants of the building – especially respiratory conditions.

As a result – the regular maintenance of these areas is a crucial activity but one that has previously presented issues for cleaning teams and facilities managers.

To begin with; traditionally – to clean  these areas required member of staff to access the gutters directly – usually by way of access equipment such as ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers. Not only do these methods present an inherent risk – with employees working a number of feet off the ground – but the additional access equipment also meant incurring additional costs every time cleaning work was completed, as well as taking a long time; with the platforms being moved at regular intervals.

A Safer, Better Way.

Introduced as a revolutionary alternative, SpaceVac quickly made a reputation as the worlds leading high-level cleaning system; allowing operators to quickly and safely clean blocked guttering and downpipes from the safety of the ground floor.

By moving cleaning work to the ground floor, SpaceVac keeps cleaning teams safer, while also allowing them to complete cleaning work in a fraction of the time of traditional cleaning methods. This time saving – coupled to the additional savings unlocked by not having to hire additional access equipment – also makes SpaceVac a significantly cheaper alternative for gutter cleaning.

Global Issues, British Manufacturing

Designed and hand engineering here in the UK, SpaceVac is built around a core of our unique 50mm high-level cleaning poles. Manufactured of high-grade lightweight carbon fibre, the pole system offers operators up to 15m (4-5 stories) of reach.

This pole system is accessorised with a range of heavy duty gutter cleaning tools – designed to withstand even the toughest cleaning challenges – and can be further adapted with a range of specialist adaptors and tools for other external maintenance tasks like the removal of moss from roof tiles.

All of these poles, tools and accessories are fastened securely in place with our unique “safety locking mechanism” – unavailable anywhere else on the market – and ensuring all elements of the system stay firmly locked in place during operation to ensure total operator safety.

Further; keeping an eye on the progress of cleaning work couldn’t be easier, with the launch of our new Explorer Camera system providing a cutting edge new monitoring solution to keep a close on cleaning work in real time. The system packs an amazing 9 hour battery life with high performance specs like 12mp stills and 1080p live streaming and can be paired with mobile phone device for easy streaming.

In The Gutters, With Our Eyes on the Stars…

Since our launch to the marketplace, SpaceVac has quickly gathered a reputation as the world’s leading provider of high-level cleaning solutions – including a range of options of internal cleaning and the removal of combustible materials from ATEX rated environments. This reputation has seen us entrusted to support some of the biggest companies in the world – from Coca Cola and Facebook, to Nike and Buckingham Palace.

Book a free demonstration of our system on your premises today and see for yourself the impact SpaceVac could have on your facilities management regime.


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