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SpaceVac Div.2 Cleaning System

Cleaning in specialist combustible atmospheres requires specialist cleaning equipment. The SpaceVac Div.2 system, was the first system of its kind anywhere in the world to be certified as safe for use in Division 2 combustible atmospheres – designed to ATEX and NFPA Standards.

To do so required a complete redesign of our award winning high-level cleaning system, resulting in a range of five Division 2 rated systems that can be used to remove hazardous waste materials – like flour, wood, sugar, paper dust and other materials – quickly and efficiently from the safety of the ground floor. 

Full Carbon Construction

100% Carbon pole system to guarantee conductive, spark free  operation – all utilising our unique “dual safety locking mechanism” for continuous internal connection.

Range of Accessories

Accessorised with a full range of anti-static or conductive approved cleaning heads and tools to offer a range of oprions for cleaning teams working in these specialised areas.

Clean up to 50ft in height from the Ground Floor!

Our market leading Div.2 ULTRA system offers operators looking for extra reach and performance up to 50ft of reach from the safety of the ground floor.

Camera System Coming Soon

New Div.2 certified version of our Explorer Camera and Monitoring system coming Spring 2021!

The SpaceVac Div.2 Range

The SpaceVac range offers five fully conductive* products that are certified as safe for use in these highly specialised areas:

Div.2 Lite: An entry level system for occasional or first time users

Div.2 Pioneer: A mid-range cleaning system with additional tools and cleaning heads for additional functionality

Div.2 Pro 1.5″: Our best selling Div.2 system – offering a full range of cleaning tools and up to 30 ft from the safety of the ground floor.

Div.2 Pro 2″: A 2″ variant of our Pro system to offer greater airflow and increased performance for heavy duty users

Div.2 Ultra: Our finest pole system yet – the lightest, most durable and rigid SpaceVac cleaning pole yet – able to reach up to 50ft in height!

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* Please note: Conductive – A conductive tool has a volume
resistance <104 ohms. It may have a conductor built in. For use in Div 2, Class 1, 2 & 3.

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