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SpaceVac INTERNAL Cleaning Systems 

The removal of dust and other waste materials from inaccessible high-level areas is an essential part of building maintenance for cleaniness and hygiene standards to remain at their highest. Our range of internal high-level dusting systems allows for the safe, fast and cost efficient cleaning of these areas from the safety of the ground floor.

Built around a core of our Carbon Fibre cleaning poles and a range of interconnecting cleaning heads and tools, the range features 5 unique systems to offer our high-level cleaning performance to users across a range of cleaning environments and price points.

Clean up to 50ft High

Our Internal ULTRA system offers cleaning teams the ability to reach up to a world record breaking 50ft high from the safety of the ground floor.

A Versatile Cleaning Solution

Suitable for use across a wide range of environments including schools, colleges, airports, theatres, cinemas, shopping malls, warehouses, hotels and many more.

A Flexible New Way to Clean

All of our cleaning poles, tools and heads can be interconnected and accessorised in a number of unique way to make for a flexible solution capable of rising to any challenge!

Unparalled Safety 

Hand engineered in the UK for the finest quality, all components feature our unique safety locking mechanism for total operator safety while in use.

The SpaceVac Internal Range:

In total, SpaceVac offer five lines for Internal cleaning to offer a range of cleaning solutions – whatever your operating environment or budget:

LITE: An entry level system for first time and occasional use (reach over 13 ft)

Pioneer: A mid range solution with additionals tools and reach (Clean up to 20 ft)

Classic: Our best selling system for over a decade – total cleaning flexibility (Clean up to 30 ft)

Pro: A mid range solution with additionals tools and reach (Clean up to 40 ft)

Ultra: Our lightest, most durable and highest reaching pole system ever – a World Record Breaker!  (Clean up to 50 ft)

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