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SpaceVac Museums & Fine Art System

Designed as a unique new add-on pack to work with any existing SpaceVac internal cleaning system, our new Museums and Fine Art system offers a range of specialist new cleaning tools for operators working in these unique environments where use of traditional cleaning tools and methods might not be appropriate.

Featuring a range of new brushes – all featuring new soft touch bristles to allow for a soft touch, non abrasive cleaning system that can easily remove dust from priceless artefact and antiquities – along with a brand new range of micro-tools which can be directly attached to the hose for detail cleaning work. 

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SpaceVac Food Safe System:

The SpaceVac Food System is a unique high-level cleaning solution that has been custom designed and developed to be used in specialised Food & Drink production environments; an area where the highest standards in cleanliness are of the upmost importance.

Built around a core of our Div.2 Certified cleaning poles – safe for use when cleaning the kinds of hazardous by-products and dusts often found in Food & Drink areas – the system features a brand new range of custom tools and cleaning accessories. The range is colour co-ordinated (with red, green, yellow, blue and white options available) to allow for colour coding in different prodution areas to prevent potential cross contamination.

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SpaceVac High-Voltage System

Our brand new high-voltage range of cleaning poles and tools have been specifically designed for use in extreme high-voltage areas where use of a regular SpaceVac would be prohibited.

Designed and manufactured here in the UK and tested and developed in collaboration with the University of Manchester, this new generation of SpaceVac poles and tools have been tested and independently certified as being capable of withstanding voltages up to 50,000 volts to enable operators to take our revolutionary high-level cleaning systems and put them to work in areas such as trackside, underground or working near overhead powerlines.

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